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La Carbonera is the result of the strong bond that Marcelo, his founder, has developed with food throughout all his professional trajectory in the world of catering. The idea revolves around a very personal concept: two friends, cheese, a bottle of wine and hours of conversations. All of this meets at a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere where time stops to leisurely eat and drink, to taste different varieties of cheese that are presented to you in a format that differs from the traditional menu.


Marcelo y Marité met in the Chilean gastronomic workshops organized in Hotel Heperia Madrid 5* around 2006.

Marcelo was the Congress and conventions Maître, and Marité was the Chef organizing the workshops.


Chemistry was immediate. As they met they knew they were what each other needed. Everybody knows that in the world of catering an excellent connection between the dining room and kitchen is essential. That is what happened between them in the moment they met. When the workshops ended they decided to organize a couple of weddings and events. It was all success.


Marité is a down to earth Chef. She is creative, knows her way around traditional Southamerican and European cuisine, she deals with the kitchen in the most organized and harmonious way, with technique, and most of all, careful with the product. The dishes that she elaborates are full of harmony, sense, flavor, taste, and color. Nobody remains untouched by her cooking. Her dishes are capable to touch that soft point on your palate to make you remember, live and feel.

Marcelo is a highly regarded professional in the industry, treats the produce with excellent care. He always tries to surprise, wheteher it is with cheese or with wine. He is nonconformist at 100% with the established catering canons, although he is aware of all of them. Marcelo listens to the client to get to know their taste and to be able to offer the cheese and wine that best adjust to them. At the same time, he introduces the client to a new flavor palette.

He has created this restaurant under a unique concept. Exploring the cheese world, investigating, and finally offering his knowledge to his clients. 


At La Carbonera we work daily so that our clients can enjoy a personalized gastronomic experience. That's why we have an excellent tea. Paisajeras has designed the look of our restaurant, and they also sell all the decoration articles that make of La Carbonera a charming corner.
Our waiters work closely with Marcelo and Marité to know all produce with detail, from cheese to wine to all the products that form our dishes. They will make sure you have a wonderful experience.
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